Synopsis: In 2027, aspiring fashion models are cast by a machine, through a process of unnatural selection…

Written & Directed: Carlo Giordano
Art Direction, Styling & Production: Jessica Falcao & Elysa Sudarskis
Set Design: Igor Novitzki
Executive Producer: Didier Kerbrat
Shot: Sylvain Garnier Goutard
Styling: Kenza Abdennader, Yumna Mirza & Roberto Piu
Models: Agence Mademoiselle & Agence Contrebande
Makeup Artists: Gilly Tosello, Mouna Benouhoud, David Bourhis & Elisabeth Maurier
Colorist: Kevin Le Dortz
Editing & Sound Design: Carlo Giordano & Igor Novitzki

CASTWALK contains a sample from: CROSS THE LINE by Rudy Tolila


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